Our Superpower

im parched pro-tini

“I’m parched!” Vodka is a high-quality organic spirit. It has a subtle, smooth, silky and slight floral forward flavor. We strictly use the best certified organic or ethically sourced wild harvested herbs in the world. The superfoods are added after distillation to preserve the intensity and integrity of the superfoods concentrated extract properties. “I’m parched!” Vodka is gluten free due to the distillation of the wheat grain. Drink it straight or make your favorite cocktail. 

clean taste

Our Process

After a year utilizing herb labs in the United States and mixing hundreds of proteins and 100s of superfoods to create a smooth, silky, and virtually unflavored Vodka, she did it! She found the secret recipe! Next, getting government approval was brutal because of the added ingredients (protein and superfoods) and the name “PRO-TiNi”. The government required pre-market FDA approval with a plant-based protein. Our plant-based protein was first found as a mixture of proteins isolated from the katemfe fruit of West Africa. We add the ingredients after distilling. The government prevents marketing our product as a muscle building protein and immune building boaster superfood due to strict consumer marketing restrictions. As such, we make no such claims.


worlds best organic vodka


PRO-TiNi spirits
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Houston, Texas

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